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We curated our ranch collection based on our customers' favorite prints and styles. The collection is available only for preorder. Preorders differ from presale events. The production time will be longer since we will order based on what customers have ordered. We appreciate your patience. Due to this collection being a preorder, we do not have studio samples in, so we have used our illustrations instead. The colors/prints on our illustrations may differ slightly from those on the physical product.

1. When will my order ship?
 a. The production time for this collection is 16 to 18 weeks. Currently, the earliest we expect to begin processing this collection is April 1st, 2024.

2. Will my order be prioritized
 a. All orders containing items from the ranch preorder will be prioritized as soon as the collection reaches our warehouse.

3. Can I cancel?
 a. If you do not receive tracking information for your ranch order by the end of day April 30th, 2024 you may request to cancel your order and refund to original form of payment.

4. What if I have an item on my order that isn't from the ranch preorder collection? Can I have that shipped separately?
 a. Items from a different collection will not automatically be shipped separately if they are part of your ranch order. You may request to have your order split. If the split order is under $70 subtotal you will be charged for shipping.

5. Will there be a restock the next morning?
 a. This collection will not restock. We will not be loading any additional inventory until all preorders have been processed.

6. Since it is a preorder, will payment for my order come out once it ships?
 a. No, payments will be processed once your order is placed as usual.