Little One of the Week | Zachariah

Our Little One of the Week is Zachariah. He is 8 months old.
Favorite things?
Zach loves playing with mom and dad and enjoys going out to the beach on sunny days!
He just turned 8 months old and, tries to climb everything right now.
Funniest moment?
He likes to make sounds when he is asking for food. He always says Dada when he's happy and mama when he's sad.
What makes them happy?
Mom's funny faces and when daddy lifts him up in the air. 
What are they being taught?
We are teaching him how to walk, climb down with feet first, and motor skills.

"Zachariah had his first long road trip (15 hours) to see families last week and he did great (slept most of it). He met his 96 year old great grand father, and he's the 4th generation in the family." - Rachelle (Zach's mom)