Little One of the Week | Victoria

Our Little One of the Week is Victoria, she is 8 months old.
Victoria loves Colombian food! Her favorite is sopa de avena con verduras y pollo. 
(oatmeal soup with veggies + chicken)

In photo above, Victoria is posing for mommy in her long sleeve smocked bodysuit in peach rose with matching ruffle bonnet.
She loves her toys! She loves banging, throwing, and playing with her toys. Loves staying busy while playing next to her dad.

 Victoria also loves to follow the family dog. She will keep an eye on him and makes sure he stays out of trouble! If he makes one move, Victoria is on top of it! She also loves her big brother Camilo. She loves playing + laughing with him. They have so much fun together even with the 7 year age difference.

Like every modern baby, Victoria likes to try to take mommy and daddy's phones/tablets. She must want to listen to her white noise app. And finally, she loves to explore the world from mommy's arms. There is so much to see up there! She can keep track of what her family is doing from up high! 

Below, Victoria is lounging in a double skirted bubble in berry melange with a matching giant headbow.