Little One of the Week | Penelope

Our Little One of the Week is Penelope. She is 6 months old, 7 months on the 26th of this month.
P is rocking our organic cotton button footie in oatmeal with her huge KQ haul!
She's really interested in food now. If she sees anyone eating she will stare and pretend that she's chewing on it.
Penelope is a very expressive baby, she loves to scream and smile big when you make her happy.
She also "works" with mommy at a baby store with her fellow baby coworkers and people always comment on her cute KQ outfits.
"We love sending them to the website  so they can get amazing clothes!"
- Penelope's mommy
Penelope is giving us a big smile in her cute sleeveless henley bodysuit in blue gingham with mix + match high knee socks. 
Happy early Birthday Penelope!