Little One of the Week | Mayouri

Our Little One of the week is Mayouri. She is 19 months old.
Favorite things?
Mayouri's favorite things are coloring, playing at the park, swimming, and being outside in general. And of course, posing for the camera.
Funniest moments?
Her favorite saying is "NO" to everything, haha. One of her funniest moments was at the aquarium. She did not do so well. She was scared of all of the fish in the tank.
"We would get her real close to the tank and she would swat her hands and wail trying to get away from the fish." - Amanda (Mayouri's mom)
What makes them happy?
Snacks, cuddling with mommy, her big sister, playing with her friends, and her baby.
What are they learning?
Color, shapes, numbers, new words, brushing her teeth, putting her shoes on, and potty training.
"I am thankful for KQ. It’s my happy place when I get to style my child in these adorable baby clothes." - Amanda (Mayouri's mom)

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