Little One of the Week | Luna

Our Little One of the Week is Luna. She is 23 months old. 
Luna loves everything outdoors. If she could live in a mud puddle she would.
She likes to say "uh oh" immediately followed by "it's okay". She has forgiveness down pat. 
Luna wears 18-24 but can fit into 12-18 bamboo and some 2T items look great for an oversized look. 
Luna is happy when she gets to spend time with her family and friends. She loves dancing and listening to music and going on adventures with her two moms. 
She is being taught to stick up for those without a voice. To live with empathy and compassion for others beyond all else. Luna is a future leader!

"Luna’s moms have been buying KQ since before she was born. Our family has followed this brand and fallen in love with how a print or an outfit can be the holder of a memory. Luna always gets compliments on her outfits and we are so proud to be a part of the KQ community."
- Nicole (Luna's mom)


We hope you enjoy Luna's outfits as much as we do!