Little One of the Week | Luca

Our Little One of the Week is Luca. He is a year and 10 months.
Favorite things?
Luca's current favorite thing to do is run around outside and go on walks! He is obsessed with all animals and nature. He also recently loves to wear animal prints and point at the print and make the animal sounds. 
Funniest moments?
He has a great sense of humor and likes to do jokes every once in a while. Sometimes when strangers ask him what his name is he'll say his name is Mike as a joke then chuckles and says "my name is Luca not Mike." Always throws everyone off!
What makes them happy?
Food! Luca loves all foods and he's the happiest when he's eating. You have to watch out if he wants something you're eating. He might take a bite when you aren't watching! 
What are they being taught?
We are currently learning our ABC's he can say A-E currently but trying to learn all the letters before his second birthday.

"Kate Quinn has been our favorite way to express Luca's style! Bubbles, bonnets, cable knit leggings, bloomers, and bear hats. We love it all and it's been so fun to be able to dress up a boy in more options than just traditional tee shirt and pants! We get compliments everywhere we go and I love all the variety of prints and collections! Truly feel like there is something for everyone at Kate Quinn."
- Alondra (Luca's mom)

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!
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