Little One of the Week | Linden

Our Little One of the Week is Linden. He is 27 months old. (A true pandemic baby!)
Favorite things?
Hands down, trucks! 
"Big trucks!" Linden loves trucks, it makes us all giggle when he gets excited.
Linden is currently sizing out of 18-24 in bamboo and wearing size 2T in all other clothing.
What makes him happy?
His grandparents make him happy along with their dog Arnie.
What's he learning?
He's been signing (ASL) since he was 15 months and is currently working on his colors.
"Linden has a craniofacial condition called Treachers Collins Syndrome, he has a tracheotomy to help him breathe and a BAHA hearing aid to help him hear! Feel free to educate yourselves and your children about people like Lindo."
-Alicia (Linden's mom)