Little One of the Week | Lennon, Reagan, and Odin

Our Little Ones of the Week are Lennon, Reagan, and Odin. They are 9 months old (6 adjusted).

Favorite things?
Lennon — blowing raspberries and smiling
Odin — His lovey and music
Reagan — Smiling and rolling around
Lennon and Reagan are both in size 3-6 and Odin is in size 6-12.

"The triplets are being taught so much. We currently do OT once a week. We are learning how to sit unassisted, crawl, eat purees, say mama or dada, and tons of other things."
- Ashley (mom)

Funny moments: Lennon always has her tongue out, Odin only knows one word so far and that's "Dada", and Reagan acts very shy when you talk to her and will bury her face in your shoulder.

What currently makes them happy?
Lennon — her mom and dad, chew rings, and dancing. 
Odin — his mom and dad, his swing, his doggie Luna, and his lovie.
Reagan — her mom and dad, swimming, and dancing.

"Lennon, Odin, and Reagan were born at just 28 weeks. They spent 60 and 61 days in the NICU. During our stay, we hit many challenges, including Odin being life-flighted to Children’s Hospital for NEC. We didn’t get the cute coming home outfits or the matching mama and me outfits in the hospital. I feel like I missed out on all of that. When I found out I was pregnant after struggling with infertility for 6 years, I was so excited! I could picture the over-the-top outfits, giant bows or hats, and the mommy and me outfits. When we found out at 5 weeks that it was triplets all those images just started to disappear and anxiety set it. I knew triplets would be expensive and I thought, “how in the world am I going to be able to buy all the cute matching outfits?” I started to get depressed just thinking about everything I wouldn’t be able to do with three babies. Then, a few weeks after having the babies, I met another triplet mama who had the most adorable matching outfits and I had to know where she got them! She introduced me to Kate Quinn and you wouldn’t think that something as small as clothing could change this mama’s life, but it has. Since finding Kate Quinn I can fulfill all those dreams of having my babies match and coordinate!"
- Ashley (mom)