Little One of the Week | Kaleah

Our Little One of the Week is Kaleah, she is 9 months old.
Kaleah is enjoying the sun while rocking our cute organic gauze woven embroidered bubble in tuscany...OOPS can't forget the sunglasses!
{ photo above }

She loves race crawling around the house, crawling between small spaces, and picking herself up to stand on anything and everything.
She has three teeth that she is constantly playing with and has some great in depth nonsense conversations with mom and dad.
She absolutely LOVES FaceTiming her grandparents and joining in on mom and dad's work zoom meetings.
Kaleah loves both reading and eating books! She has the best sense of humor, even just looking at her with a smile will cause her to burst into uncontrollable laughter!
She's the light of mommy & daddy's whole world!
Kaleah has a big smile on her face while chilling in her cute skinny strap romper in blue floral with a giant headbow in pacific blue.