Little One of the Week | Jackson

 Our Little One of the Week is Jackson, he is 4 months old.

Jackson has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease) so they love the kimono bodysuits because dressing him can be a bit of a challenge.

Above he's sporting a sleeveless kimono bodysuit in camp car. 

How Jackson's parents dress him in our kimonos:

"We usually lay his onesies completely flat and pull the sleeves over his limbs, instead of pulling limbs through the sleeve like you typically would (any pressure like pulling or lifting can cause fractures.) Extra points for bamboo fabric - OI make it difficult for him to regulate his temperature and as a result he's a lot more comfortable in soft, stretchy moisture wicking fabrics."

Things Jackson loves:

‣ big sister
‣ cuddle time with mom and dad
‣ bath time

Jackson is catching a few z's in his long sleeve kimono bodysuit in jadeite.