Little One of the Week | Isaiah + Roselyn

Our Little One's of the Week are Isaiah and Roselyn. Isaiah is almost 4 and Roselyn is 22 months. Both have birthdays in January.

They are the best of friends. Isaiah and Roselyn have twin sisters that they just adore! They like to be out in nature- hiking, fishing, riding bikes, going to parks, and playing in the dirt. They also love music/dancing, coloring/arts and crafts, and doing puzzles. 

Isaiah is a people watcher, loves animals, loves building things with his giant Legos, and playing with cars. He is obsessed with Lightning McQueen. He is currently in 4T Bamboo and 5Y Organic Cotton. And he is obsessed with the swaddle blankets - requested a construction or train theme!

Roselyn is a little daredevil! She loves taking risks, going on walks, and following her big brother around. Her vocabulary has grown so much in the last month. She loves making animal sounds. Her favorite phrase to say is "Awe mannnnnn"! She currently still fits 12-18 but working her way into 18-24 for both Bamboo and Organic Cotton. 

"I love that Kate Quinn's clothing allows me to match both kids in so many different styles! My mom matched my sister and me in the 80s so it's only right I pass it along to my kids, but with style! I love getting compliments wherever we go about their outfits. It makes me feel good. It also makes me happy that when Isaiah picks his clothes out he goes right for the Kate Quinn clothes!"

- Ashley (mom)


Isaiah and Roselyn rocking one of our favorite prints, pumpkin in bamboo. Isaiah has our basic henley tee while his sister rocks our peterpan bubble.