Little One of the Week | Hazel

Our Little One of the Week is Hazel. She is 6 months old.
Favorite things?
Walks in the baby carrier, spending time outdoors, and bath time.
Funniest moment?
Hazel loves using her voice, making sounds we have dubbed ‘dinosaur noises’- we even call her Hazelsaurus Rex!
What makes them happy?
Observing her siblings,  touching any object that makes a crinkly noise, and nursing.
What are they currently learning?
Hazel is learning how to sit up unassisted, and she will begin eating solids very soon!
Are there any more comments or stories that you'd like to share?
At the end of May, Hazel will be 6 months old, and already has a closet full of Kate Quinn clothing. It’s exciting to take out size-ups, and dress her in hand-me-downs and new finds, alike. We love KQ!