Little One of the Week | Harleen

Our Little One of the Week is Harleen. She is 21 months old.
Harley wears the majority of 18-24 in everything! She still wears some 3-6/6-12 dresses as tops. She can still wear 12-18 very well, it's just a little bit short on her cause she's so tall. 
Her favorite things?
Some of her favorite things are cars, balls, books, anything to do  outside, and anything with coloring. She is going to be an artist one day, we swear! One of her favorite things to say all the time is "Ooooh, wooooooow!" every time we show her something or if he sees something she likes.
What makes her happy?
So many things make Harley happy! The top three things that make her happy are music, playing in the water, and eating spoonfuls of peanut butter straight from the jar. 
What's being taught?
Harley is being taught to be anything and everything she wants to be in life, no matter what anyone else has to stay!

"These clothes have brought my sister in laws and me so much closer! We love planning matching outfits, discussing drops, and setting up photoshoots of our girls. We even have our mothers and mother in laws involved. It’s been a very wonderful way to spend time with our family and to create memories. I also LOVE that I can match with her, it’s my ultimate very favorite thing in the world. I match her as much as I can!!"
- Kayley (Harley's mom)

Please enjoy these cute photos of Harley and her family