Little One of the Week | Ember

Our Little One of the Week is Ember. She is 9 months old.
Favorite things?
Play with big brother and blow raspberries.
Funniest moment?
She crinkles her nose, grins really big, and shakes her head “no” when she knows she is up to something and you caught her in the act.
What makes them happy?
Daddy singing “itsy bitsy spider”.
What are they being taught?
She is currently pulling herself up on everything and learning to stand. She knows a few words with “baby” being her latest.

"Ember has been wearing KQ since coming home from the hospital. She gets complimented everywhere we go on how cute she is and on the outfits she wears. Mama tries to match her and big brother Elias as often as possible too. She immediately smiles when you hold up a phone and is ready for her close up! I call her my sunshine girl because she is always smiling." - Kimberly (Ember's mom)