Little One of the Week | Casio

Our Little One of the Week is Casio. He is 5 months old.
Favorite things?
He loves his mushie teether and tummy tickles! He also loves his daddy. Every time daddy enters the room, Casio immediately starts to smile and try to talk!
Funniest moments?
Casio like the grab his mommy's face to give her kisses and she thinks it's the purest thing.
What makes him happy?
Mommy, daddy, and his big brothers.
What's he learning?
He is trying to sit up unassisted and has started the "scoot" phase of crawling!
Casio is comfortably in 3-6 but is starting to creep into size 6-12.

"I am so glad I came across Kate Quinn! It's one of the only sites that have cute matching clothing for boy moms! I especially love KQ because the mommy clothing comes in such fun and eclectic prints! I feel like I have a dress for every mood thanks to this brand!"
- Tiana (Casio's mom)

Please enjoy these cute photos of Casio 

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