Little One of the Week | Caison Cole

Our Little One of the Week is Caison Cole. He is 11 months old.
Caison's riding dirty in our sleeveless kimono bodysuit in sea pine with stretchy modal rib retro bloomers in mocha.
His favorite things are his Pop-Pop, swimming, boating, and he is a lover of all animals.
Caison is the sweetest little boy, loves to snuggle and give kisses. He is a handful, getting into everything and probably will be walking in the next couple of weeks.
"He loves to make a mess, and he must think I like to clean up after him.
We still have a huge assortment of KQ, this summer I have loved the simplicity of bubbles since he's so hard to get dressed anymore. I resell all of his clothes which have made for one wear forever rotating closet.. that has been my dream for myself in life, HA!
Like I mentioned before Caison is unique in that he was born only with one kidney. He also has a heart defect. We see specialists quite often, and it's a lot to keep up with but he doesn't let anything get him down, he is thriving!
I am a single mama and Caison is my absolute best friend in the world. I work over 50 hours a week but will always find time to play dress-up with my little boy because THAT brings me so much joy. I couldn't imagine life without him!"
- Nicole (Caison's mommy)
Caison rocking his sea pine bloomers in bamboo with matching ss henley bodysuit in shark!