Little One of the Week | Benjamin

Little One of the Week is Benjamin. He is 11 months old.
Benjamin is such a goofball and loves making everyone laugh. He does the silliest things like dance and makes funny sounds. Once the music comes on, he has to stop and dance.
His funniest moments are when he passes a mirror, he must stop and stare at himself. He will sit and have a full "baby talk" conversation with himself.
Benjamin is currently in size 12-18.
Family makes him the happiest. He gets super excited when he sees his cousins and immediately wants to be in their arms. He loves when "dada" plays hide & seek with him.
Benjamin's currently learning his ABCs and numbers. He's also learning to be more independent by standing on his own. Now he's able to pick up and feed himself snacks.

"What makes Benji special is that he's my IVF miracle. He is the missing piece I've been searching for."
- Mercedes (Benji's mom)