Little One of the Week | Apollo

Our Little One of the Week is Apollo. He is 6 months old.

His favorite activity right now is eating! Baby-led weaning is going so well. He eats practically anything and everything. He's happiest sitting in his high chair at the dinner table with his big siblings with a snack in his hand. He also enjoys being outside in his stroller and napping with the sun shining on him. 
"Apollo never fails to make us laugh with how he flails when he gets excited when he sees food coming towards him. We also jokingly call him a couch troll because when we put him on the floor for tummy time, he always manages to crawl he ends up halfway under our couch, lol."
-Mary (Apollo's mom)
He's currently in 6-12M but starting to pull a few pieces from his 12-18 stash!
Again, FOOD is what makes him happy. His top favs are graham crackers, watermelon, and cucumbers. He has a favorite show! He thoroughly enjoys Mother Goose Club (Netflix/YouTube).
"The most important things we strive to teach Apollo are to be kind, to be happy, and to never forget that at the end of the day, no matter what happens, he will always have a home and a safe place with us."
- Mary (Apollo's mom)
He loves his big siblings and is trying so hard to catch up with them. He's able to sit up unassisted and crawl now so he's so happy to be able to feel more like he's part of the "big kids club." He'll be up and running around with them before we know it! 

"Apollo is such a blessing to our family. He was determined to be born! I had my tubes tied after having my fourth child and ended up pregnant again anyway less than a year after my surgery. He is my second boy after having three girls so there weren’t any hand-me-downs we could have used, so a new wardrobe it is! I discovered KQ in the last few months of my pregnancy and was instantly hooked. We love all the gender-neutral floral options (especially sunflowers!). Boys and florals are such a LOVE for us. He’s been wearing KQ since day 1. Our name announcement featured a KQ outfit and that was also his coming home outfit. Not only that, I bought a few mama pieces as well so that we would be matching. It’s something so little, but being able to match outfits with him as we left the hospital and headed home was so special to me."
-Mary (Apollo's mom)