Little One of the Week | Ando

Our Little One of the Week is Ando. He is 1 year old.
Favorite things?
Ando’s absolute favorite thing is being cuddled pretty much all day long. He also loves to “help” in the kitchen, mostly by unloading the dishwasher. He also loves going to the library, being outside and taking baths.
Funniest moment?
Ando is a great little mimic, he sings and dances along to music I play when doing housework. He loves being carried around so much he finds his baby carriers and hands them off like “uhhh maybe someone should carry me now?” He also loves reading, especially books about science or llamas. He brings them to caregivers and starts smiling and laughing when they start reading!
What makes them happy?
Still a big fan of peekaboo, seeing and playing with other kids, being around family, toting around random objects and spending time outside, like on walks!.
What are they currently learning?
He is learning that some things that are fun are not necessarily a good thing to do—like emptying all the bath water onto the floor! He is also learning some words!
Are there anymore comments or stories you'd like to share?
Ando loves staying cute and comfortable in KQ! We love the friends we have made in the KQ community.