Little One of the Week | Nash

Our Little One of the Week is Nash. He is 8 months old.
Nash's favorite things are his rainbow spinner, his Boston terrier, Bronte, anything that crinkles and listening to music.  His absolute favorite thing is getting a hold of whatever mommy is holding. 
He's a very silly boy! He loves weird noises and faces. Currently trying to figure out how to stick his tongue out, so he makes the funniest faces.
Nash is currently in between sizes 6-12 and 12-18.
He loves to cuddle, being outside makes him very happy. Food makes him happy, especially banana pudding. Discovering new things, even little things like clothing tags and spots on the floor. He's a very happy baby as long as he's with his mom or dad. I cannot stress enough how happy he gets when Bronte enters a room as well.
Nash is doing a lot of play-based learning with extra emphasis on sensory play. He learns new things every day. It is a blessing to watch him discover the world around him; he is very inquisitive. His newest discovery is looking up to see the tall evergreens around him. He can stare at the tops of the trees for a long time. 

"Nash is such a sweet boy and he does honesty already show a preference for certain prints. Any time I put him in his hot house flower footie he stares at it for a few minutes. He already loves to dance; I hold him up so he can stand and bop around. So far, the music video that seems to catch his attention the most is Beyonce, "Single Ladies". He loves to hear me sing and slams his toys down to the beat (as long as it is a simple and repetitive beat). There hasn't been any food I have found him to dislike yet, thankfully."
- Ember (Nash's mom)