Little One of the Week | Timothy

Our Little One of the Week is Timothy. He is 6.5 months old.
Timothy likes to look at himself in the mirror, playing with his brother and trying to crawl. 

Funniest moments?
Blowing bubbles.

Timothy is currently rocking sizes 6-12 but staring with a few 12-18.

What makes him happy?
His brother makes him happy.

Timothy is currently learning to eat solid foods. 

"Timmy is a sweet little baby boy. He and his brother Leo are best friends and they also share the same birthday! Me and my kids love KQ. It becomes my new obsession. I I just found out about this amazing company and wish I would’ve known about it sooner! I’m sad that I have missed out all of this KQ during my pregnancy nor my first baby boy during his baby years because all the newborn clothes are so adorable. "
- Linh (Timothy's mom)