Little One of the Week | Luna

Our Little One of the Week is Luna. She is 4 months old.
Favorite things?
Right now Luna’s favorite things include her mommy, her siblings (she has six) and her recently bought KQ snuggly that she can not do without! We have three more on the way now! 

Luna currently wears size NB + 0-3. 

Funniest moments?
During the second time her five year old sister Cheyanne was holding her, Luna had an upset stomach and had to go number two on her! It was very loud and the look of disgust on Cheyanne’s face was priceless, especially when all Luna could do was smile because now her tummy felt great!
What makes her happy?
Luna is happiest with her mommy! She is  a mama’s girl and especially loves her mama’s milk. She also loves to be outside with the fresh air! If she is in the shade and the wind is blowing, she would let you hold her for hours and just sleep the whole day away! She also enjoys her warm baths at night! She didn’t use to like them but now they are one of her favorite things!

Right now Luna is being taught how to find her voice! She is just starting to realize she has one and it is the most adorable thing to listen to. She is trying to tell us something and all we can do is encourage her to keep trying. She gets so excited and happy when mama talks to her and I cannot wait to finally hear what she has to tell me back! When she is old enough to understand we will always encourage her to speak her truth about what she is feeling and to see that everything she has to say is of value. We cannot wait to see who she becomes! Until then, we will just enjoy all the baby coos and laughs! 

"Luna is sweet baby number seven for our family, born at just 35 weeks gestation. The smallest she got down to was 4lbs 15oz so we struggled to get into our KQ right away because we could only wear premie. But now that we are starting to get chunky, KQ is pretty much all we wear! We have been buying KQ since I had my fourth child back in 2018 and we love the quality, fit, and price point for this brand is amazing! We have fallen in love with every piece we own and try to take pictures of everything. We will have so many memories to share later in life through photos and KQ will be a part of many of those conversations!"
- Amanda (Luna's mom)