Little One of the Week | Savannah + Elena

Our Little One's of the Week are Savannah and Elena. Savannah is 11 months and Elena is 8 months. 
Savannah is such a happy and affectionate baby. She currently loves baby shark, Coco, Moana, and waving at random people. She loves imitating laughs, banging objects together, and giving mommy and mama cuddles. 
She can wave and clap. Savannah is getting ready to walk but keep tumbling down. She can say "agua" (water), hi, yay, and all done! And she loves Kate Quinning! 
Elena loves splashing at bath time. She's exploring new foods and making big messes! She likes peek-a-boo and lots of tickles. Elena's favorite thing to do is "sing" along to her favorite songs.

Both girls are lounging in their side ruffle bubble in lake shibori from our organic gauze woven collection.