Little One of the Week | Yug

Our Little One of the Week is Yug. He is 14 weeks old.
"We are blessed with a very happy baby, always smiling and laughing." -Madhura (Yug's mom)
He absolutely loves his “Dino Buddy” and Snuggling his Mama. Yug loves his evening walks and listening to music.

 Every morning he wakes up with a big smile which just lights up our day and his funniest thing is talking to the love of his life- “The Ceiling Fan”.
Yug is currently in size 3-6.
What makes him happy? Milk!! He loves when we wiggle his tushie!!
He likes to spend some time reading “If Animals said I LOVE YOU” and “Love you Forever”, tummy time and just now started assisted sitting, swimming in the tub.
"Us and Yug love Kate Quinn clothes so much!! He started with KQ knotted gowns and wears KQ almost every day. Thank you so much for welcoming us to the amazing community." -Madhura (Yug's mom)

Please enjoy some Yug’s outfits.