Little One of the Week | Tatum

Our Little One of the Week is Tatum. She is 5 months old. 

Tatum loves being outside, especially walks with her mommy and daddy, loves tummy time, putting everything in her mouth, having conversations with you and of course her paci.
She loves when you look at her and make the “o” sound. She starts laughing and giggling. She’s a social butterfly and loves when anyone looks at her and talks to her.
 Tatum is currently in size 0-3 and slowly making her way into 3-6 months.
What makes her happy is other children, snuggles, her pets (3 cats & a dog), Face-timing her Gigi & Papaw.

Tatum is currently trying to crawl.

"We love any and all floral on Tatum. She is a very happy baby. Tatum has been decked out in Kate Quinn from the day she was born." - Sara (Tatum's mom)