Little One of the Week | Robert

Our Little One of the Week is Robert. He is 8 months old.
Robert loves his fur pitbull sister, swimming, splashing water during bath time, all the food, and being the center of attention all the time.
His funniest moments are anytime he's trying to be silly, talking in his new secret language, especially with his daddy, clapping his hands, and laughing anytime his fur sister is around. 
Robert is wearing sizes 6-12 and 12-18.
What makes him happy is his mom, dad, our dog, and anytime when our Alexa is playing the song "Happy," he starts clapping his hands and trying to dance and scream. 
"Robert is pro at crawling right now, so pro he is everywhere. He is discovering the world and all the things around him. He started doing all the silly faces like his daddy. He is learning how to wave bye-bye, copying anything we're doing, reaching his hands when he wants to be helped or picked up while saying "mama" (Which always melts my heart)."
- Gabriela (Robert's mom)