Little One of the Week | Norah Lee

Our Little One of the Week is Norah Lee. She is 16 months old.
She is currently fitting perfectly in size 18-24. 
Norah absolutely loves to dance, and her favorite son is currently the Elmo slide. She loves story time and babbles (pretending to read) when flipping through the pages of her books.
"She is obsessed with her momma's closet and putting her little cute feet into my flats."
-Jazmine (Norah's mom)
The cutest and funniest thing is when she points her finger out as she notices the nail kit. I’m obsessed! She’s mostly happy when her Dad returns home from work. Also, how can I forget? She's very happy when she eats!
Norah is African American/ Haitian. She’s learning how to swim and has full knowledge that she runs the house. Lastly she is following after her brothers, falling in the 99th percentile for her height. 
Please enjoy a few of Norah's memories and cute outfits!