Little One of the Week | Mallory

Our Little One of the Week is Mallory. She is 18 months old.
Mallory loves Cocomelon and hats.
"She is just starting to talk. She only says a few words but will sit there and let me play dress-up all day long and know how to pose already." - Ashley (Mallory's mom)
Mallory currently fits in size 12-18 but don't underestimate the size of bamboo because she still wears her 6-12 size. 
She loves to play outside with rocks or in her swing. She loves to be outside on her bike as well. 
Mallory is learning her ABCs and new words every day. She is such a fast learner!
"Mallory is honestly just the best baby ever! She loves her sleep for sure and is always ready to eat!" - Ashley (Mallory's mom)

Please enjoy Mallory's few of many KQ looks!