Little One of the Week | Lilly

Our Little One of the Week is Lilly. She is 1 year old.
Lilly's favorite things to do are to run around the house and garden barefoot while blowing raspberries, "help" mama organize around the house, slurp her morning green smoothies, and make big splashes in the tub!
Lilly loves to wave and say hi to everyone & has a big enough grin to brighten everybody's day. Her favorite things to say are dadda, followed by mama, and night night.
She has just grown out of 6-12 sizing and is phasing into 12-18.
Snuggles and singing with mama and swinging, and running around with dadda! Opening Kate Quinn packages and playing with the tags also brings her much joy.
Lilly s of a multiracial and multicultural family. She is a wonder of mix of Malaysian-Chinese, Irish, and German descent. To expand her palate and cultural awareness, mama cooks foods from around the world and hopes to one day make a food vlog channel with Lilly to celebrate her multicultural background through foods!

"Kate Quinn has not only given my child the opportunity to dress in top fashion - their clothes are all excellent in quality & are so comfortable too! Furthermore, I have a personally found tribe amongst all the wonderful KQ families around the world and my family, and I always wear our KQ with pride! We are so grateful for the wonderful woman and team behind this brand! "
- Jane (Lilly's mama)