Little One of the Week | Juno

Our Little One of the Week is Juno. He is 10 months old.
Juno is currently in size 6-12.
Juno's favorite things are straps, buckles, shoestrings, mommy's backpack, books with textures, and his baby. He loves catching and throwing balls with momma. He loves food and enjoys mealtime.
"I took him to a bakery in his bread jumpsuit the day he turned 6 months old and he lunged and grunted for his first croissant! His aggressiveness toward his food is always keeping me laughing." - Courtney (Juno's mom)
Juno gets most animated and happy when his grandma comes home (in our multi-generational household) and when anyone plays peekaboo with him. His current dislikes are being away from mommy and diaper and clothing changes, sigh haha. Juno is not a crawler so his world is getting really exciting right now as he's learning to pull up, stand, and cruise.
"Juno is so special to me as he joined my life at 42. I always wanted to be a mom, but the circumstances of my life just never came together until later in life and I didn't know if I'd still have a chance at an older age physically. I am so grateful for a quick and smooth pregnancy and such a healthy and sweet baby. He was so worth the wait and such a blessing and joy in our lives.  I love that his Kate Quinn clothes are so comfortable for him as he starts moving around his environment. We love sleeveless jumpsuits, shorties, union suits, and have sized into pajama sets recently!"
-Courtney (Juno's mom)