Little One of the Week | Jules

Our Little One of the Week is Jules. She is 17 months old.
 Her favorite things are playing in the water, dancing when music comes on, pointing out planes and waving good bye to them. She loves to give hugs and kisses. Her favorite movie is Moana. Her favorite foods are spaghetti and broccoli.
She is currently in size 18-24.
Being outdoors, eating, playing with our cats, spending time with her grandparents, running up and down hills, climbing structures, and putting on her shoes makes her very happy. 
We caught her on video in the car falling asleep with a teething cracker, getting so tired that she couldn’t find her mouth and she threw a fit out of frustration and fell asleep. 
Her culture is kindness to our Universe. She is being taught to share, social etiquette, English, Spanish, American Sign Language, how to swim, and how not to climb on our oven.
"Jules is so loving and intelligent. When she's tired and wants to go to sleep she says "night-night" and gives us a hug and pats our backs. She gives kisses hello/goodbye on her hand or on us just because and she says "mmm-mua". She loves to be the center of attention and encourages everyone to have a round of applause for her and her accomplishments."
- Jaidee (Jules mom)
Please enjoy Jules cute outfits.