Little One of the Week | Ja'Siah

Our Little One of the Week is Ja'Siah. He is 10 months old. 
Ja'Siah is rocking his cute bamboo long sleeve lap neck jumpsuit in our print frog, paired with a bear hat in forest. 
His favorite things to do are listening to Cocomelon songs on repeat, playing with his big brother, licking inedible objects, crawling all over the house, and pulling himself up onto everything.
Ja'Siah currently wears size 12-18M.
Ja'Siah has been wearing Kate Quinn Shop clothing since he was born!
"We love the quality as well as the variety of fabrics and prints. Our favorite collection is the Beechwood Modal Woods Collection because of the silky softness of the material and the matching mom and baby pieces. Our favorite prints are belugas, wild mushrooms, suns, the Woods Cranes, and black batik."
- Ashley (Ja'Siah's mom)
Please enjoy Ja'Siah's most iconic Kate Quinn outfits..