Little One of the Week | Ivo

Our Little One of the Week is Ivo. He is 11 months old, one year on August 13th!
Ivo loves to ride his tricycle (his grandfather gave it to him.) Also, he is learning to walk, he gets so happy when he can walk well. In addition, he loves when I sing a Brazilian song for him called "ta la la".. and the cutest thing is him doing the choreography.
The funniest moment that I can remember now was when he learned how to shout out. He screamed for the first time and got afraid by his scream. Cry cried. My parents and I laughed a lot because of that and he stopped crying and started laughed too. It was so cute and innocent.
Ivo currently wears 18-24 in organic cotton and 12-18 in bamboo.
"My favorite style on him is the belted bubbles, they look so cute on him"
- Debora (Ivo's mom)
He loves the water like crazy. So bath, shower, pool, sea or even a garden hose make him truly happy.
Ivo was born in America but his dad is Persian and his mother is Brazilian with German, Portuguese, and Italian heritage. He is multiracial and we are hoping he could speak 3 languages; English, Portuguese, and Farsi.
"We live in Long Island, NY. In our house, we have 2 cats Anja and Nirvana, and a little dog Pompom. He loves to pet animals. We are a vegetarian family (Ivo and mommy are vegan). And despite of this diet, Ivo is at a 97% for his height."
- Debora (Ivo's mom)
Enjoy these photos of Ivo's many adventures..