Little One of the Week | Isla

Our Little One of the Week is Isla. She is 9 months old.
Isla's favorite things are her Daddy, playing with her dog Hoagie's feet, and all the food!
She has started doing a silly "gremlin" growl to make us all laugh! She also loves to give sloppy kisses - especially to her other baby cousins.
Isla is currently in size 6-12.
Isla's big family makes her happy - all of her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. She loves spending time with everyone and playing with them, she loves splashing in the bath, and she is the happiest with some food in front of her. She also loves to dance to the Bluey theme song!
Isla is biracial, and a big part of a large multicultural extended family, and we celebrate the differences in our home! Isla is being taught to love her beautiful brown skin. We spent the past week celebrating Juneteenth in Denver with her family.
"Isla is incredibly curious and wants to explore everything! She is on the move constantly- the army crawling her way around the house. This past weekend, she discovered how fun it is to climb inside her Grammy's coffee table! She is the sweetest soul and loves to show affection with sloppy open-mouth kisses and snuggles!"
- Casey (Isla's mom)
Please enjoy Isla's cute outfits!