Little One of the Week | Haegan & Hyland

Our Little One's of the week are Haegan and Hyland. Haegan is 15 months old and Hyland is 4 years old.
Haegan's current funny saying and thing to do is run around saying "tickle, tickle, tickle." Haegan also loves to have her picture taken and says, "cheeeeese!" then claps her hands for herself and says, "good job!"
Hyland's funniest moments was getting chased by a turkey on a farm when he was 3. Hyland is wild and full of life and the turkey had equally wild energy!
Haegan currently wears size 3-6 in bamboo and 6-12 in organic cotton and Hyland currently wears size 5Y/6Y.
Hugs, kisses, and singing The Wheels on the Bus makes Haegan happy! Snuggling, dinosaurs, cars, and building lego towers make Hyland happy!
Hyland and Haegan are a mixture of beautiful cultures. We teach them kindness, love, acceptance and the importance of their cultures and other’s!
"Haegan and Hyland are the light of our lives! They are both kind, loving, funny, and full of energy. It has been so amazing watching them both grow and become best friends. I love that we’ve been able to find the perfect outfits for all of their moments together! Thank you Kate Quinn!"
- Layne ( Haegan + Hyland's mom)

Please enjoy the cutest sibling duo..