Little One of the Week | Everett

Our Little One of the Week is Everett. He is 16 months old.
Everett's favorite things are his favorite stuffie which is a bunny lovie that he sleeps with every night. He loves his toy car and loves to push it saying "vroom vroom". He loves to take baths. He would stay and play in the tub for hours if I let him. Everett loves puppets on Baby Einstein, he cracks up hysterically every time they come on. His little laugh is hilarious! His favorite song is The Wheels on The Bus. No matter what's happening if we sing that song he gets so excited.
Everett loves to hide behind you, play peekaboo, and die laughing when you "find" him behind you. He cracks up if you say "AahhhChoo"! He loves people, anytime we are outside he runs up to everyone and chases after them when they walk away.

"Everett is learning to pet our fur children gently and be kind to them. He's doing a great job! We have 13 cats and 4 dogs as we are a rescue family."
- Jacky (Everett's mom)

He is quite versatile and is currently wearing sizes 12-18, 18-24, and 2T.

Everett loves to organize the rocks outside and to find the perfect stick to carry around for hours. Going to parks long walks in his push car outside, and going to the plant nursery, he loves that he can run around and they give him a plant every visit. He gets excited when mom gets home from work, he squeals and spins in a circle and runs to his mom.
He is obsessed with water. One of the parks we go to has a small splash pad. He will run onto the splash pad no matter what cute KQ outfit he has on and he will never leave until I carry him to the car. 

"He loves to be outside constantly running, exploring, collecting rocks, sticks, and leaves. Everett is a Hispanic baby, Cuban and Puerto Rican! My husband and I are so lucky that Everett is such a sweet easy-going baby. He makes life so much fun. Every day is a new adventure. He was the missing piece in our lives. I take millions of photos of everything and having these beautiful Kate Quinn outfits for him to wear make his photos perfect." - Jacky (Everett's mom)
Please enjoy a couple cute outfits Everett is out here rocking!