Little One of the Week | Ethan

Our Little One of the Week is Ethan. He is 15 months old.
Favorite things?
Ethan’s favorite thing to do right now is fill up his passport with stamps! He recently visited London and Greece where he loved trying new foods and swimming in the sea.
Funniest moments?
Ethan has learned to use his voice’s volume to get attention from loved ones and strangers alike. He’s persistent and loves attention. A constant flirt, at times he’ll act shy when being spoken to. But don’t let him fool you! That’s just one of his ways of turning on the charm. He’s a very silly boy, and has already learned to start dancing by nodding his head when his mom sings “Three Little Birds.”
What makes them happy?
Ethan just finished his first session of swimming classes and loves all things water.
What are they being taught?
Currently, Ethan’s mom and dad are on individual campaigns to teach Ethan how to say “mama” and “dada,” respectively. Ethan is also being taught that it’s ok to spend and enjoy time with other people besides his mom (a lesson his mom is learning right alongside him).
"Ethan is our true miracle baby. After years of infertility, surgeries, and numerous scares during pregnancy, Ethan is the light of our lives and the sweetest, most kind baby we ever could have hoped for."
- Bethany (Ethan's mom)

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