Little One of the Week | Emeri

Our Little One of the Week is Emeri. She is 11.5 months old! 
One of Emeri's most favorite things to do is eat! She has never met a food she does not like. When she's not eating, she loves to crawl around and explore. Instead of playing with toys, she usually just dumps them out one container at a time!
Emeri loves to swim! We have spent a lot of our summer at the pool and she has enjoyed every second in the water-splashing, kicking, and sticking her face in the water. She loves to sing and dance. Her favorite song is from the movie Frozen.
She likes to scrunch up her nose and huff in and out. Sometimes she does it when she is angry or upset but she also learned that she can do it and gets laughs out of her three big brothers. 
Emeri currently wears size 6-12 but her mama is stocking up 12-18 for the fall.
"We love the variety of KQ so she has a wide array of colors, materials, and styles. We have loved every piece we have tried!" 
-Hannah (Emeri's mom)
Emeri loves her Mama, Daddy, and three big brothers and she is so happy to spend time with them.
"Our faith is the most important aspect of our lives. Emeri is being taught to love and respect everyone around her. She has brought so much joy to our family! She's our little sunshine! It is so much fun to shop Kate Quinn for her. We love the style, the quality, and most importantly, the community behind the brand."
-Hannah (Emeri's mom)
Please enjoy Emeri's cute outfits..