Little One of the Week | Eden Asher

Our Little One of the Week is Eden Asher. She is 2 years old.
Asher loves following her brothers and big sister around. She is currently the youngest of 4. She loves to mimic all the girly things that her big sister does like putting pretend make-up on, brushing and fixing her hair, pretending to drink Starbucks coffee when in reality it's whip cream in a Starbucks cup. She also loves all things princess related.

"I think she thinks she is one haha. Being the youngest she does get treated like a princess." - Stephanie (Asher's mom)
She loves to dress up especially when it's a dress. She says "princess, put it on." She also loves opening KQ packages as if she knew they were hers. As soon as a package arrives, she gets it from the foyer and hands it to her mommy to open so she can put on her "princess" dress. But don't be fooled by her girly exterior because Asher also loves to rough house. Having two older brothers to teach her the ropes, she's great at kicking and throwing balls. She loves to climb and jump at the playground with her friends. She's even dabbled a little bit in ballet and swimming, but she excelled the most in her current sports gymnastics. She loves to hang on the horizontal bars in class, has no fear of crossing the balance beams, and love to be the first to do all the new exercise. 
Asher is also quite the character, and I would probably attribute that to her older siblings. She tries to keep up with them and will surprise us with her witty comebacks even if they are one-worded or barely comprehensible.
She is currently in size 2T, she can wear 18-24 in bamboo.

 FUN FACT: Asher has been wearing KQ since day 1. That's 365 days X 2 + 4 months of KQ. 

 Food makes Asher happy. Asher can be in a bad mood, but you offer her food and it's like a whole different baby. She's a literal foodie in the making. She loves to try everything and will not scoff at things she's unfamiliar with. She has such a great appetite even though she still nurses every 3-4 hours. 

"We've been working on sharing with Asher. Asher has a hard time sharing her toys with other kids. She doesn't need to share her toys at home because her closest sibling in age is about 9 years older than her. She loves to bring her toy everywhere which is difficult at playdates and playgroups because then other kids will want to play with her toys, and she will not share. We've tried not to bring toys in the car, but she usually sneaks on in somehow. Asher is a beam of sunshine in our lives. We are a busy family of 6 with all 3 of the older kids being student-athletes in multiple sports. Before Asher’s arrival, we were always on a schedule and, on the go, and never really took the time to just “stop and smell the roses” as per the adage. We’ve learned to slow things down, not stress the small things, and adjust our schedules frequently. We are still very busy of course but having Asher allows us to be more aware of what’s important and that is time with family."
- Stephanie (Asher's mom)