Little One of the Week | Briar Psalm

Our Little One of the Week is Briar Psalm. She is 7 weeks old.

Briar's loving kicking, smiling, cooing, and demanding everyone's attention by being cute!
"Our favorite thing right now is the Kate Quinn bat print! We love the purple bat paired with our new Little Liam valerian t-shirt dress!"

-Gabriele (Briar's mom)

She gets "hangry". She will be perfectly content but when it's time to eat it's time to eat!
Briar is in size 0-3 but slowly making her way into some 3-6.
Briar Psalm loves nursing and snuggling momma and her nightly daddy time where she is fed with a mason jar bottle and often falls asleep. Her face lights up when her big brothers are around and enjoys absorbing all the indirect sunlight she can during her brother's soccer games. She also loves being held by her grandparents, debuting her latest KQ outfit during church on Sundays, and riding around in momma's Pink Cadillac while she makes customer deliveries.

She is currently working on holding her head up, strengthening out conversation skills, and transitioning to a larger sleep space so she can stretch out.

"After two medicated hospital births, Briar Psalm arrived August 10th, at home, weighing 8 lb 1 oz and over 21 inches long (bigger than both her brothers were). We absolutely have loved the midwifery model of care. Our midwife, Stacey Bufkin, shares in our love for KQ which makes all prenatal and postnatal visits super fun! Briar is literally the BEST baby (no exaggeration) and we believe the home birth is a big reason why! Momma has had a great 4th trimester with no newborn haze and plenty of rest! We are beyond thankful to have found KQ because it’s made the transition to having a girl so much easier for our family (we really planned on another boy so we were not excited for girl clothes). Briar Psalm’s wardrobe is 99% KQ and we all love to dress her up and plan her outfits…matching KQ bows are a must!!"

-Gabriele (Briar's mom)

Briar Psalm in some of many of her KQ outfits..