Little One of the Week | Blake

Our Little One of the Week is Blake. She is currently 10 months old. 
Blake loves to eat and try new solids foods, be outside with her furry sister Sophie, and play with her stuffed llama. Blake can say dada and mama and loves to babble all day long. She also enjoys dancing to the Winnie the Pooh theme song.
She is currently in size 6-12 in Bamboo and size 12-18 in Organic Cotton. 
She is the happiest around her puppy, when eating food, and seeing mommy or daddy when they get home from work. 
She is growing up outside of Washington DC where the diversity is rich. 
"Blake is our miracle baby after doctors told us we might not be able to have children. She is such a happy girl and is so fun to be around. We love the gender neutral styles and organic fabric for our girl who has sensitive skin."
- Ashley (Blake's mom)