Little One of the Week | Argie

Our Little One of the Week is Argie. He is going to be 10 months this weekend.
Happy early birthday Argie!
His current favorite things are learning how to do puzzles, chasing the dogs and cats around the house, and eating beans, avocados, and cheese. The little one is already quite the foodie. 
Argie has a very expressive face and loves watching himself in mirrors and learning how to make funny faces to make everyone laugh. He can currently say "dada" and he makes a certain noise when playing with the cats that sounds like he is trying to say "kitty".
He is currently in size 6-12 in Kate Quinn but growing every day so mama has been buying 12-18 to prepare for the next growth spurt. 
Argies favorite things are listening to music and having mama and dad read him his favorite books. Sometimes he will go pick out a book and walk over to mama and hand it to her to read.
We are fortunate to live in a very culturally diverse community and can't wait to teach Argie to love and respect all different cultures and ways of life. We are starting by reading him books and creating meals to learn more about hose that might differ from us. 
"We absolutely love the Kate Quinn brand and community and everything they stand for! " - Cassi (Argie's mom)
Please enjoy some of these cute outfits Argie is out here rocking!