Little One of the Week | Amias

Our Little One of the Week is Amias. He is 14 months old.
Amias absolutely loves avocados, pizza, and bananas right now! He is a very busy boy and keeps his mama on her toes. He loves playing outside, on land or in water, and could spend hours in nature! 
He fits perfectly in size 12-18.
His dinosaur and dirt bike collection are always growing as he continues to play with them and make loads of funny noises! He enjoys watching his uncle and his father race their dirt bikes and seems to really have a heart for motors and engines! 
He makes us laugh most when he points to the sky and says "what's that!" every time a plane bird or any other aircraft goes by.
"Amias was adopted at birth and it is our goal to bring him up knowing his story and knowing the sacrifice and love that his bio mama has for him to place him with us, to be loved, spoiled & cared for forever! Follow along with us @ash_walseman to read more about our story."
- Ashley (Amias mom)
Come follow Amias to the beach in his cute KQ fit!