Little One of the Week | Amélie

Our Little One of the Week is Amélie. She is 8 months old, turning 9 months on Sunday.
Happy early birthday Amélie!🎂
Favorite things?
Amélie loves to wiggle & dance to music, even if mom's the one singing. She also loves laughing with her brothers, babbling & shrieking, smiling when anyone walks into a room, rolling around the house, and chewing on just about everything.
Funniest moment?
She'll kick her legs and throw herself almost into the air dancing. She'll also yell "nigh-night" when she's getting sleepy.
What makes them happy?
Milk & her big brothers.
What are they being taught?
To rejoice always, to sing, to be glad, and to be gentle and kind.

"I've been buying Amélie KQ since before she was born. She'll be one at the end of April and is already catching up to her brothers. She went from being my littlest baby to my biggest and can fit in some of her older brother's clothing. Thankful for KQ bamboo magic as she's so rapidly grown, and all the gender-neutral pieces that have gone straight from her two brothers to her own wardrobe."
- Hannah (Amélie's mom)
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