Little One of the Week | Alivia

Our Little One of the Week is Alivia. She is 20 months old.
Alivia loves reading, singing, dancing, and elephants. She likes elephants.

"One of my favorite things is how she recently stated to cover her mouth when she laughs. That's always cute and funny. She also says hello and waves in the morning instead of saying good morning. It's so sweet. And lastly, she tries to boss everyone by telling us to go or sit."
- Chermae (Alivia's mom)

She is currently rocking 6-12 and 12-18 in Bamboo and 12-18 in Organic Cotton.
Alivia seems to be the happiest when she's with her brothers, her dad or listening to Cánticos on the iPad.
Family and faith are important and integral in all aspects of our lives. We are blessed that those same values are not only taught at home but in the daycare she attends.

"Alivia completes our family and we are so blessed to have her. And I love that I have Kate Quinn to dress her in. It makes some of those really special moments, that much more special."
- Chermae (Alivia's mom)

Please enjoy a few of Alivia's cute outfits