Little One of the Week | Alinna

Our Little One of the Week is Alinna. She is a year old, turning 2, on Christmas Day!
Favorite things?
She loves playing with her dolls and wooden toys! She loves being outside, running around, and bothering her older brother and sister.
Funniest moments?
Her favorite saying is definitely "Oh Oh"! She will make any mess or drop something (most of the time, on purpose!), and the first reaction is "Oh oh!" And she brings her hands to her face to look extremely surprised!!
What makes them happy?
Food! She loves eating. She snacks practically all day, but it does not stop her from eating her meals!
What are they being taught?
She is currently learning to speak more; we are repeating words all day; she's also learning colors, sorting shapes, and sizes.

"Alinna is an extremely happy toddler with a love for music and loves gardening too! She's also very dramatic! Our little firecracker!" - Melissa (Alinna's mom)