Little One of the Week | Ace

Our Little One of the Week is Ace. He is a little over 3 months. 
Mommy and Daddy's lucky St. Patty's Day baby! 🍀
He loves bath time, being active in any way, and chewing on everything. He has his first two teeth coming in right now and is obsessed with his mushroom teether.
At 17 pounds, Ace is comfortably in 3-6 and can still fit some of his 0-3 stretchy bamboo. "Though we are cherishing this little baby stage, we're really looking forward to seeing him in our 6-12 collection we've built up!" - Paige (Ace's mom)
Since the very first newborn days, Ace has been well known for his happy calm demeanor, contagious smile, and countless dimples! He really is just a happy baby but happiest when close to mama. 
Ace is very lucky to have parents with quite different cultural backgrounds and upbringings. He has roots deep here in the US and in Mexico as well! We hope this provides Ace with a broad perspective and a rich appreciation for everything in life. It is our life's mission to share the best of both our worlds with him and teach him the many ways to communicate, cook, play, celebrate, dance, and most importantly love! 
Please enjoy Ace's cute outfits and adventures!