Little One of the Week | Fio

Our Little One of the Week is Fio. Fio is currently 5 1/2 months old.
Her favorite things are being tickled by her dad; she could laugh with him for hours it seems. And taking late afternoon walks with her mommy. It’s funny because we generally go on the same few walking trails, and she can tell when the trail is ending and suddenly will start talking as if she is complaining it’s time to go home. She also loves her play dates with her twin friends, they often play together in the park for some fresh air and sunshine and sometimes they all wear coordinated KQ outfits.
What makes her happiest is actually watching Mulan! I don’t know why, but Mushu makes her laugh. She could be crying for an hour and if you turn on Mulan, she will stop the minute she hears the intro and look for where it’s playing.
She is currently in between sizes wearing 0-3 month is getting kind of tight but 3-6 month is a little big still. She’s petite but chubby, especially in the thighs, we are team high socks all the way!
Currently she is learning to be mobile. She can’t really crawl, yet she more does a face plant while running with her legs making her scoot like an inchworm. But she prefers to stand up and play so she may just skip crawling all together!
Whenever we visit her grandparents, she gets all the attention for her cute KQ outfits, they live in an older person community and on our walks, people get so excited to see an actual baby in a stroller, usually they just see old dogs in strollers so seeing her in her adorable elf hats usually makes their day. 
Fio is super into being outside, she loves exploring the textures and colors of plants!
"We try to wear KQ florals when we visit the gardens and plant nurseries it’s fun to match the occasion!  She also recently started eating solids and it’s a big mess! so outfit changes are up to about three to four times a day, but we don’t mind because she has plenty of adorable KQ to wear."
-Brianna (Fio's mom)