Little One of the Week | Elias

Our Little One of the Week is Elias. He is 3 years old! 
Elias loved animals, dinosaurs, King Kong, and Godzilla movies and toys, reading books, and watching Blippi videos.
He wears size 3T (4T in pajama sets.) 
"Elias has told us occasionally that "life is hard" when he isn't getting his way, haha!"
- Kimberly (Elia's mom)
He acts out movie scenes as he watches them which is adorable and hilarious at times. He also does what he calls "belly cheers" with his dad which is his version of a chest bump. 
Snuggles and singing/dancing is what make Elias happy, mostly snuggles! 
Aside from learning letters and counting to 20, Elias is learning how to handle big emotions and potty training (send help!).
"When I put KQ on this boy he immediately hugs himself and says "ooooh, I am so soft and cozy!"...just about every single time. His favorite shirt is his tiger shirt (tiger scatter crew neck tee).